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Šiame puslapyje pateikiama informacija apie skirtingus "slapukus" (angl. Cookies), kurie gali būti naudojami Unibet puslapyje.

Naudodamiesi Unibet puslapiu Jūs sutinkate naudotis Unibet "slapukais", dėl priežasčių nurodytų žemiau.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that sit on your computer that remember what you enter while you're browsing a website. We use cookies to help us customise your experience to show you the most relevant information when you return to our site.

For more information about cookies and how they work, please visit:

If you'd prefer to change cookie preferences for Unibet, or any other website, you can use your browser to do this. Each browser is different so please go to the 'Manage your cookies' section for more info.

Our cookies policy

We use cookies to help the site work properly, improve your user experience, and to ensure services promoted are relevant to you. Our cookies don't store personal information like your name, address or payment details. Please see below for a list of the cookies we use, and what we use them for.

Type of cookies we use

Unibet use different types of cookies to improve your site experience. Below is more information about why they're used and how long they'll be stored on your computer or device.

These cookies are required to enable core site functionality, ensuring it performs how you would expect when you move around the site.

Our website willOur website won't
  • Identify you as being logged in to the Unibet website
  • Make sure you connect to the right country website
  • Help keep your browsing and gaming sessions secure
  • Remember your username to let you log in quickly when you return the site
  • Send any information to third parties cookies:

Cookie namePurposeWhen they are setExpiry
USESSIONIDJava HTTP sessionArrive on pageSession end
realMoneyModeKeeps track of the play modeLogged inSession end
CASTGC_LOGOUTSession handlingLogged inSession end
rememberMeIf the username should be remembered for the next loginLogged in1 Year
rememberMeNameThe username to rememberLogged in1 Year
timeSinceAccountCreationTo see if an account was recently createdLogged inSession end
JSESSIONIDJava HTTP sessionWithrdawalSession end
ADRUM_BT1 Arrive on page 
ADRUM_BTa Arrive on page 
_gali Logged in 
UsernameUsername for the sessionMy accountSession end
TS01b33a96 WithrdawalSession end
TS01b983b1 WithrdawalSession end
payment.framework.cookie.channelPayment deviceWithrdawalSession end
payment.framework.cookie.localePayment localeWithrdawalSession end siteWithrdawalSession end   
clientId Arrived on siteSession end
__ucbt Promotion2 Years   
framework.forceBigLandingArea Promotion 

** From a cookie perspective it would last for 2 years, however internal tracking only last for 45 days.

These cookies are used to support your experience on the site. They record information about choices you make on the site so we can show more relevant and personalised information to you.

Our website will
  • Remember if we’ve already asked you if you want to participate in a survey
  • Show you personalised information when you’re logged in cookies:

Cookie namePurposeWhen they are setExpiry
behaviouralNavigationFavouriteGamesFilterStores user preferences for Casino elementsCasino PageSession end
behaviouralNavigationGeneralGamesFilterStores user preferences for Casino elementsCasino PageSession end
selectedGameFilter/casinoGame filteringLogged inSession end
isReturningUserKeeps track of if a user has logged in or notLogged in1 Year
CouponStores the bet slipBetslip1 Day
unibet.langSaves the locale settings for legacy purposes.Arrive on page10 Years
piRemember user loginLogin1 Year
default-games-result-viewStores user preferences for Casino elementsCasino PageSession end
integrated-frame-stateStores the state of the mini game elementBettingSession end
notified[id]Indicates if a notification has been shownNotificationSession end
notified[id]animatedIndicates if a notification has been animatedNotificationSession end
UpdateBrowserNotificationIf the customer has chosen to hide a browser update alertNotificationSession end
submittedFormStores what document has been uploadedMy accountSession end
optedInToRafKeeps track of if a user has a Refer a Friend bonusMy accountSession end

These cookies are used in the management of the site. They tell us how visitors are using each pages, which pages are popular, or any other web analytics. They also tell us which pages aren't working so we can improve the site.

Our website will
  • Make our website run more efficiently
  • Help us improve the website by understanding how it's used
  • Allow us to track referrals to our websites from third party companies
  • Provide you with information and adverts that are more relevant to you when you visit the website cookies:

Cookie namePurposeWhen they are setExpiry
_gaGoogle analytics trackingArrive on page2 Years
_gatGoogle analytics trackingArrive on page10 Minutes
UNIBET_INTERNAL_CAMPAIGN_IDPromotion trackingRegistration page5 Years 7 Months
UNIBET_REQUEST_URLPromotion trackingRegistration page5 Years 7 Months
campaignIdKeep track of acquisition bonus idRegistration page5 Years 7 Months
__ucbtGoogle analytics trackingRegistration page2 Years
affrefAffiliate referrer trackingLogged in1 Month
cms_affrefAffiliate referrer trackingLogged in1 Month
uniattrAffiliate referrer trackingLogged in2 Years
uniattr_refAffiliate referrer trackingLogged in2 Years
__utmaGoogle analytics trackingArrive on page2 Years
__utmbGoogle analytics trackingArrive on page 
__utmcGoogle analytics trackingArrive on pageSession end
__utmxGoogle analytics trackingArrive on page 
__utmxxGoogle analytics trackingArrive on page 
__utmzGoogle analytics trackingArrive on page6 Months
gpv_p4To capture previous pagename.Arrive on page30 Minutes
s_ccThis cookie is set and read by the JavaScript code to determine if cookies are enabled.Arrive on pageSession end
AMCV_###@AdobeOrgUnique visitor IDs used by Marketing Cloud Solutions.Arrived on site2 Years
s_sqThis cookie is set and read by the JavaScript code when the ClickMap functionality is enabled; it contains information about the previous link that was clicked by the user.Arrive on pageSession end

3rd Party Cookies:

Cookie nameDomainWhen they are setExpiry
cidserver.adformdsp.netArrived on site2 Months
uid.adformdsp.netArrived on site2 Months
CfP.adtech.deRegistrationSession end
DCID.ih.adscale.deRegistrationSession end
JEB2.adtech.deRegistration2 Years
KRTBCOOKIE_391.pubmatic.comRegistration1 Month
OAIDads.stickyadstv.comRegistration1 Month
PUBMDCID.pubmatic.comRegistration3 Months
UM1.atemda.comRegistration2 Months
VAR.ih.adscale.deRegistrationSession end
anj.adnxs.comRegistration3 Months
c.bidswitch.netRegistration2 Years
cpixel.rubiconproject.comRegistrationSession end
demdex.demdex.netRegistration2 Years
dpm.dpm.demdex.netRegistration2 Years
dspuuid.angsrvr.comRegistration1 Month
eid.criteo.comRegistration6 Months
fid.atemda.comRegistration2 Months
id.yieldlab.netRegistration1 Year
id.doubleclick.netRegistration2 Years
khaos.rubiconproject.comRegistration6 Months
lr_uds.liverail.comRegistration3 Months
lr_uid.liverail.comRegistration3 Months
mako_uid.eyeota.netRegistration1 Year
psyn.angsrvr.comRegistration1 Month
put_2676.rubiconproject.comRegistration1 Month
rpb.rubiconproject.comRegistration1 Month
rpx.pixel.rubiconproject.comRegistration1 Month
sess.adnxs.comRegistration1 Day
sessionIdads.stickyadstv.comRegistrationSession end
tuih.adscale.deRegistration1 Month
tuuid.adbrn.comRegistration2 Years
tuuid.bidswitch.netRegistration2 Years
tuuidad.360yield.comRegistration2 Years
uid.turn.comRegistration6 Months
uid.criteo.comRegistration1 Year
uid-bp-617ads.stickyadstv.comRegistration1 Year
umad.360yield.comRegistration2 Years
umehad.360yield.comRegistration2 Years
uu.adscale.deRegistration1 Year
uuid.angsrvr.comRegistration1 Month
uuid2.adnxs.comRegistration3 Months
vi.atemda.comRegistration2 Months
token.iesnare.comRegistration10 Years

** From a cookie perspective it would last for 2 years, however internal tracking only last for 45 days.

Manage your cookies

We recommend you don't change your cookie settings as it may limit your user experience and the performance of the site.

If you do want to change the cookies setting, you can do this through your browser. Different web browser may use different way of controlling cookies, so you'll need to use your browser's help section to find out how to do this or you can visit one of the following browser manufacturers sites directly.

For more information on how to control cookies via your web browser, please see: . This will enable you to access instruction on deleting and controlling cookies. Please note that we aren't responsible for the content of external websites and by disabling cookies you won’t be able to enjoy all the features of the Unibet site.